Our Children's' Home is in the middle of a wonderful old park. The old trees amaze us by their mysterious shadows in summertime and by their snow garments during the winter.

In the main building, in three family sized groups 32, and in the second building another 12 children can find a home. The children are students in different schools of the capital, and actually we have even two kindergarten children too. Large family rooms are awaiting the children for entertainments, conversations, games, televisions and videos. The children has the possibility to warm up foods from outside restaurants and catering, but also they can from time to time - under the supervision of teachers and adults - cook their own favorite plates in the dining room and the good equipped kitchen.

Each group equipped with computers used not only for games, but also for learning or surfing on the Internet. We maintain the organization of lodging only three children by a room, and they can decorate and furnish it according their own fantasies. In the backyard we installed the sports places, like table tennis, and we also have a gym. We have crafts and arts activities in our Home, but our children can participate in other activity outside of the Home, in their regular school or in the neighborhood.

During the holidays our children participate in summer camps, and several of them travel to families in the Netherlands.

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In our establishment we have also a temporary section for 34 children, actually we insuring there the temporary caring for 30 children from Monday through Friday in three groups. In the three groups one is composed exclusively of boys, in the other two there are girls and boys.

The 30 children includes 11 girls, the others are boys. 17 children are in the elementary school and we have no high school students. The majority of our students are member in the Palotas Gabor Elementary School, or in the Szabo Lorinc Middle and High School. We have students also in the III. And XII. Districts. The equipment of each of these three groups consists of color television, video, computer and radio.

The children live completely renewed units including living and dining area, bedroom for 2/3 children, bathroom. The common area includes library, clubhouse, family room, and basement for crafts and arts activities.

Soccer and volleyball field and gym insure the healthy development of our children through sportive activities.